Utah Football Player Drives Drunk On Wrong Side Of Freeway, Local Station Gets Footage

  • Dan Fogarty

Utah linebacker Timote Nai Fotu was stopped at 2am on Sunday for driving on the wrong side of the freeway, and now footage from the arresting officer’s dashboard camera has been released. In short, it doesn’t look good.

The footage shows the officer pulling up to Fotu, whose car is facing him (since, you know, he was driving on the wrong side of the road and all). After the officer asks him if he’s been drinking (“One or two beers,” answers the linebacker), he administers a field sobriety test, which Fotu fails miserably. He then asks Fotu if he knows where he is, to which Fotu responds, through slurred speech, “Utah.”

Although technically correct, the football player’s answer, not surprisingly, didn’t get him off the hook. He was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence, and has since been suspended from the Utes’ football team.

Here’s video of Fotu’s arrest, courtesy of Colorado’s NBC affiliate.