Vontaze Burfict Gets A Penalty For ‘Unsportsman-ship-like’ Conduct For Saying… Something

  • Tom Lorenzo

Vontaze Burfict picked up one of the most confusing unsportsmanlike conduct penalties I’ve ever seen, early on the second quarter of tonight’s Las Vegas Bowl. A 15-yard penalty for, well, saying something. What was said? No one actually knows.

After Kellen Moore hit Matt Miller on a 2-yard TD pass, Burfict apparently said something really awful to Boise State’s Tyler Shoemaker. With Arizona State down 21-0 at that point, one can only imagine just how frustrated Burfict must have been, causing him to unleash some vocal pain. Here’s the video of the actual play, where you can see Burfict jawing at Shoemaker.

Maybe the most enjoyable moment of this whole sequence, though, was the call by the referee who not only refers to the 15-yard penalty as an “unsportsman-ship-like” penalty, but he somehow manages to confuse the wholly hell out of the Arizona State fans with his hand gesture before making the call. Check this out:

Yup, it’s that kind of night for the Arizona State Sun Devils. And unfortunately for us, what happens in Vegas probably will stay in Vegas, since, sadly, we’ll never know what Burfict actually said to Shoemaker.

video via CJ Fogler