Week 9: College Football Picks By The Mascot

Week 9: College Football Picks By The Mascot
  • Dan Russo

In honor of Halloween, I’m letting the costumes decide my picks for Week 9 of the college football season. I chose the winners of three premiere matchups based not on record or statistics, how the respective school’s mascots stack up against each other.

First up, No. 3 Clemson Tigers @ No. 12 Florida State Seminoles:

It’s an ACC battle royale Florida State is at home so as tradition holds the Seminole warrior will come riding in before the game and plant his flaming spear in the middle of the field. As formidable and fearsome as the pregame ritual is, let’s be real. The Clemson Tiger would peal apart the warrior in a matter of seconds, just as I’m predicting quarterback Deshaun Watson will tear through the Florida State defense for the win.

Next, No. 7 Nebraska Cornhuskers @ No. 11 Wisconsin Badgers:

I’ll be honest I had to look up what a cornhusker is before writing this. In case you didn’t know a cornhusker is defined by YourDictionary.com as “a person or machine that husks corn; a person born or living in Nebraska, called the Cornhusker State.”

Now that I’m more well-versed in Nebraskan terminology, I’m ready to tackle this pick. Truthfully this is one of the more lackluster mascot battles of the week masking what could be Week 9’s best game. It’s a Big Ten rivalry between two very balanced football teams that will grind it out until the fourth quarter. But I’m going to give the Wisconsin Badger the upper-hand solely because when I think of the mascots duking it out I imagine the badger steeling all of the huskers’ corn.

Last but not least, No. 2 Michigan Wolverines @ Michigan State Spartans:

This is the best mascot matchup out of the three games I chose. At first glance a Wolverine would rip apart a Spartan like Jim Harbaugh’s squad pummeled Rutgers 78-0 (haha those poor Scarlet Knights). But the Wolverines aren’t going up against just any Spartans this week. Michigan State is due for a win in their house, and I firmly believe that Mark “Leonidas” Dantonio (yes I went there with that 300 reference) will lead his Spartans to a victory in the battle for the state of Michigan.

That’s it for Week 9. The mascot gods have spoken.