What Does This Pro-Paterno Billboard Even Mean?

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

It’s been one step forward, two steps back for Penn State students and State College residents in terms of getting the rest of the country to not find them insufferably annoying. Consider this grammatically ambiguous billboard your two steps back of the day.

The sign erected in State College reads “You can’t cover up 61 years of success with honor”. Forget the fact that still, to this day, the State College crazies still feel like they have some god-sent duty to protect the legacy of Czar Joe. I want to know who copy edited this here billboard. It sounds like they’re saying “honor” is the thing you can’t use to cover up success. Ironically, that makes sense, because 61 years of success was not covered up by honor. In fact it wasn’t covered up at all, but obliterated by Joe’s role in allowing Jerry Sandusky to serially rape young boys.

What I think they were trying to say is that Joe Paterno had 61 years of honorable success, and you can’t cover that up. Again, no, you can’t cover that up, because a great deal of his success was very, very dishonorable, and nobody’s trying to cover that up. Also, what went behind the decision to present “cover up” in yellow? Makes y’all sound whiny and pouty (even more whinier and poutier than before).

Anyway, all this demigod worshiping of JoePa is exhausting. Weren’t we done with this?

[h/t Onward State via BuzzFeed]