Whoa, So Is This The Biggest Field Logo In College History?

  • Rick Chandler

OK fine, one bedtime story and that’s it. Let’s begin. Texas A&M Commerce, an NCAA Div. II school from the far-away land of Commerce, Texas, wanted to install a blue field in their Memorial Stadium. But they were told in no uncertain terms by the evil lawyers who lived under the bridge that Boise State had a trademark on blue football fields, and so they couldn’t do it.

So the Texas A&M-Com. people got together and said, “Screw it, we’ll make the world’s biggest field logo.” And so they did.

They in effect made a yellow field, with some sporadic streaks of green. Holy Moley. Dallas Morning News:

The idea came from a meeting between athletic director Ryan Ivey and football coach Colby Carthel, each entering his first season.

“We talked about being relevant again,” Ivey said. “The question becomes: How do you do that?

“We wanted something that was unique that would help us stand out,” Ivey said.

Big or small, Ivey said he was told the cost would be the same because of the amount of work being done to the field’s substructure.

Essentially, A&M-Commerce has turned its field into a low-cost marketing tool.

“It’s something we couldn’t pass up,” Ivey said.

Marketing tool indeed. I can think of no better way to tell the world — most of which didn’t know you existed until now — that your football program is coming off of two consecutive 1-9 seasons.