Whose Fans Are More Disinterested: Kentucky Or Florida?

  • Joe Levine

Few things are sadder than an empty stadium for a college football game. But when there are two empty stadiums, it’s time to decide which fanbase is more disinterested in their team.

Today’s matchup: Florida vs. Kentucky.


The Gators are 7-1 and ranked no. 7 in the country right now. They’re also coming off a disappointing loss to Georgia that threatens to knock them out of the SEC Championship Game. How deflating was last week’s loss? Enough that this is the attendance for today’s game against unranked Missouri.

You guys are still in the top 10. How good do you have to be to care about your team, you gluttons for success? It’s not like there’s anything else to do in Gainesville. Go support your team.


Kentucky is unranked, 1-8, and hosting fellow unranked team Vanderbilt today. Also, college basketball season has begun. So it should be no surprise that they’re struggling to fill the stands today.

To be fair, though, their team is horrible. Would you show up to watch a 1-8 team get beaten again? Aren’t there better ways to spend your Saturday?

So who wins out here? Whose fans are more disinterested in their team?


Surprise! Congrats to Florida for having the worst fans today. Although Kentucky’s stadium is more empty, they have legitimate excuses: the team sucks and it’s basketball season. You have nothing else going on right now, Florida. Shame on you for not turning out to watch your great football team play.