SportsGrid’s Definitive Photo Proof Of Why Chip Kelly Stayed At Oregon

  • Glenn Davis

As we discussed earlier today, Chip Kelly is staying at Oregon, where he’ll continue to pile up points and wins, rather than chase the challenge (and money) of the NFL. Whether or not this was a “good” decision is really in the eye of the beholder – maybe Kelly hurt his standing with NFL teams if he wants to make the jump in the future, and maybe he doesn’t even care if he did. Even if the NCAA hits Oregon with stiff penalties for recruiting violations, it’s an enviable job to have, and Kelly will do it well.

But we decided to dig a little deeper into just what made Kelly stay with the Ducks. And let’s just say the well-worn cliché about a picture being worth a thousand words held very, very true. You will see below a man at peace, a man beloved, a master of all he surveys… but perhaps most importantly, a man with the good fortune to have a generous benefactor by his side. Without further ado, Why Chip Stayed: An In-Depth SportsGrid Investigation. Photos via Getty, photo illustrations by SportsGrid.