Gus Johnson Completely Loses Mind At Wisconsin’s Huge Fourth-Down Conversion

  • Glenn Davis

On a day when all the other marquee games ended in blowouts, Wisconsin and Michigan State threatened to make up for an otherwise-disappointing day all by themselves. The Badgers, who jumped out to an early 21-7 lead but fell behind before the half, retook the lead in the fourth quarter on Montee Ball’s third touchdown of the game, but the most dramatic part of the drive came on a fourth-and-six at the Michigan State 43-yard line. The Badgers gained 36 yards on a spectacular completion from Russell Wilson to Jeff Duckworth, and perhaps best of all, it allowed Gus Johnson to make one of his all-time most excited calls:

Perfect. Perfect play, perfect reaction. Unfortunately, imperfect ending: Michigan State looked like it would have a golden opportunity to win after a great punt return in the final two minutes, but a running into the kicker penalty doomed the Spartans – and all of us – to a victory-formation, excitement-free finish.

Maybe Gus’s call on the huge Badger completion was so splendid that asking for more simply would have been too much…for both him and viewers. Or maybe Gus would have reached a level of excitement that transported everyone watching to a higher plane of existence, and we all missed out on a life-changing experience. Eh, we’ll take what we can get, which was still pretty spectacular.

Video by CJ Fogler.