Here’s What It Took To Get Yankee Stadium Ready For Football (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Lost somewhat in the football-at-Wrigley furor is that there’s football at Yankee Stadium tomorrow, too (hopefully happening amid fewer complications). We showed you a while back what the field at Yankee Stadium looks like…but how’d it get to be that way?

Well, the people of NBC are here to satiate your hunger for knowledge. Above, you’ll see a time-lapse video of a group of Yankee Stadium workers converting the field so it would be suitable for a football game. This process took a while to complete. And yes, it looks like the end zones are a tad farther from the walls than they are at Wrigley. Watch it, because really – when hasn’t a time-lapse video delivered the goods?

[H/T Steve, who’ll be missed ’round these parts]