You Make The Call: Stanford Touchdown Or Notre Dame Goal-Line Stand?

  • Joe Levine

4th and goal from the one-yard line. Stanford ball, trailing Notre Dame 20-13.

Running back Stepfan Taylor takes the handoff and appears to score (eventually), only the referees rule him down shy of the goal line, both in real time and after review.

But was he down? YOU MAKE THE CALL.

There’s a bit of a gray area here regarding Taylor’s forward progress, as he does technically keep moving and eventually crosses into the end zone, but much of his movement is in place without any forward progress. Does wiggling constitute progress? I’m not sure, and the refs on the field didn’t think so, but Mike Pereira, the former Vice President of Officiating for the National Football League and current rules analyst for FOX Sports, disagrees. He calls the play a touchdown.

“We have looked at ND/STA last play from every angle & feel that it is a TD,” he tweeted. “Progress was not ruled & runner was not down. Ball broke plain.

“The fact that the whistle may or may not have been blown is irrelevant. The play is reviewed and when the whistle blew has no bearing,” Pereira added.

What do you think? Touchdown? No touchdown? Is Taylor a quality wiggler? Let me hear from you.

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