“You’re A Baller”: A New Contender For Recruiting Letter Of The Year Has Emerged

  • Dylan Murphy

Sometimes coaches overdo it with recruiting letters, using underlines and highlighters and whatever it takes. It’s all emblematic of the soul-draining process that is recruiting, and entirely backwards from the exploited athlete model which flips the script in college. But it’s all nothing more than incessant badgering and pitching and badgering some more, until a high school kid is browbeaten into attending a certain school and pledging his financial servitude to the athletic department.

Because any number of jobs are on the line with each incoming recruiting class, coaches will pull out all the stops. Anything to stand out, pretty much. And if you’re Mississippi State, that means sending a three-word, (poorly) handwritten note to a football recruit that summarizes your highly technical evaluation of his skill set:

Too bad class of 2014 linebacker/tight end Michael Ferns, the recipient of this letter, is already committed to Michigan.