10 Highest-Scoring Cardinals Games: Most Points Ever

There’s been an abundance of high-scoring games in the history of the Cardinals, from their time in Chicago, St. Louis, and now Arizona.

With that, let’s rank the top ten highest-scoring Cardinals games:

1. Chicago Cardinals 65, New York Bulldogs 20

Date: November 13, 1949

The highest scoring game in Chicago Cardinals history came in 1949 when they obliterated the New York Bulldogs by 45 points. Pat Harder ran for 117 yards and two scores on the ground, while the Cards’ quarterbacks combined to throw six touchdown passes. 

2. Chicago Cardinals 63, New York Giants 35

Date: October 17, 1948

Sticking with a potent ground game and aerial attack, the Cardinals saw Ray Mallouf complete 14 of 18 passes and tally 252 yards and four touchdowns, while their running backs finished with 299 yards and three touchdowns. 

3. Chicago Cardinals 60, Rochester Jeffersons 0

Date: October 7, 1923

Things went well for the Cardinals in 1923, and they ultimately finished with an 8-4 record, including a gigantic throttling of the Rochester Jeffersons 60-0. The offense was a strong suit for the team that year, finishing second-best in the league. 

4. Chicago Cardinals 58, Milwaukee Badgers 0

Date: December 10, 1925

Offense was undoubtedly not an issue for the Chicago Cardinals in the 1920s, which saw them have another banner year and finish at 9-2-1, the league’s second-best record. In addition, they had the third highest scoring offense, which showed up in their blowout of the Milwaukee Badgers. 

5. St. Louis Cardinals 56, Minnesota Vikings 14

Date: October 6, 1963

The defense took center stage for the Cardinals in their thumping over the Minnesota Vikings in 1963. John Symank recorded a 21-yard interception return, while Bob Paremore forced a fumble and ran it in for another score. 

6. Chicago Cardinals 56, Detroit Lions 20

Date: November 7, 1948

The Chicago Cardinals have done their fair share of feasting over the Detroit Lions, which was prevalent in their 36-point victory in 1948. Mal Kutner was the star of the game, catching six balls for 143 yards and a touchdown. 

7. Chicago Cardinals 55, Baltimore Colts 13

 Date: October 2, 1950

Jim Hardy had himself a day at quarterback in 1950 when the Cardinals laid a beating down on the Baltimore Colts. Hardy threw for 281 yards and six touchdowns, while wide receiver Bob Shaw caught five touchdown passes. 

8. Chicago Cardinals 53, Chicago Bears 14

Date: November 27, 1955

The Chicago Cardinals were not kind to the Chicago Bears in their massive performance on this date. Dave Mann rushed for 108 yards on 13 attempts while scampering into the endzone twice in the large victory. 

9. St. Louis Cardinals 52, Dallas Cowboys 20

Date: December 9, 1962

Charley Johnson had no difficulty finding his wide receivers in this contest, which saw him total five touchdown passes. Bobby Joe Conrad, Sonny Randle, and Taz Anderson combined for 313 receiving yards and five touchdowns in the win. 

10. St. Louis Cardinals 49, New Orleans Saints 31

Date: October 23, 1977

The ground game took the St. Louis Cardinals to new heights in their victory over the New Orleans Saints in 1977. The team scored five rushing touchdowns while also totaling 244 yards.