11 Cool Rules NFL Should Adopt From Other Sports

  • David Gonos


We all know that the National Football League rules the sports world, and while we all have some minor complaints, like the eroding shelf-life of a pro football player’s coherence, there’s not much that we’d like to change.

Then again, can’t everything stand some improving? (Outside of carrot cake, of course. the world’s most perfect food, you know.)

So when I’m not coming up with really bad Fantasy Football team names, or wondering what the 2017 NFL season will be like, I think of ways the NFL can improve by adopting some cool rules from other sports, like baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer and even rugby.

Sure, none of those sports can singularly top the majesty that is the NFL, but they each do have some really cool facets that the NFL might want to try out!

11 Fun Rules the NFL Should Adopt From Other Sports

Of course, I understand none of these will ever happen, and that really, each rule change would force a dozen other changes across the league’s constitution, but it’s fun to imagine!

Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger, Getty Images

David Gonos

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