11 Ways We Want High Tech To Change the NFL By 2026

  • David Gonos

3-SNL Eli Manning-Cover

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen a ton of ways high tech has changed our favorite sport, but that’s going to pale in comparison to how high tech will change the NFL just 10 years from now.

From the ‘50s to the ‘90s, we didn’t see too much change, outside of color TV, satellites, video replays and the yellow first-down line marker.

But things really started to ramp up in the 2000s, with the over-the-field camera, pylon cameras, helmet speakers for quarterbacks and iPads on the sidelines.

What does that mean for the upcoming decade? Do we think high tech will change the NFL even more? There’s no doubt of that, but in what ways do we foresee these changes happening?

11 Ways High Tech Will Change the NFL By 2026

We came up with nearly a dozen ways the NFL will undergo some changes in the next 10 years because of advanced technology. Once again, the nerds come to the jocks’ rescue!

David Gonos

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