Naming The 16 Official GOATs At Every NFL Position Ever

  • David Gonos

GOATs at Every NFL Position

We’ve tried to hold out as long as we could. We hoped for some sort of divine intervention, but it never came. After his Super Bowl LI comeback win against the Falcons, setting a Super Bowl record for passing yards, it’s time we officially crown Tom Brady as the Greatest of All-Time (G.O.A.T.) at quarterback in the NFL.

It hurts, I know. But we had to do it. Now we have to root for Trevor Siemian to develop and take that crown away! (JK!)

So that forces us to ask other questions, “What GOAT team is Brady going to be quarterbacking for? Who are the other GOATs at their NFL positions?”

We held an imaginary NFL GOAT Combine in our imaginations, and we came up with these 10 gentlemen. Whether you agree or disagree, we hope you share it and make us millions of dollars in ad revenue. (Did I just say that out loud?)

Naming the 16 Official GOATs at Every NFL Position

Many of these can be argued, of course, because that’s what makes sports awesome! We looked at great production over a long course of time, but we didn’t disregard players with a few phenomenal single seasons in short careers, either. While some players played on several teams, we just noted the ones they played on while they were dominant.

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