Update: Mel Kiper And Todd McShay Are Better At Mock Drafting Than Our Uninformed Football Fan. And That Polish Guy.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Yesterday, our Matt Rudnitsky tried his hand at a 2013 NFL Mock Draft. He wanted to prove that mock drafts are dumb, by being uninformed, getting a bit lucky, and getting more correct picks than ESPN’s resident, battling draft bobbleheads, Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay. Matt didn’t love his chances, but he gave it a try. He also called upon a random Polish guy to the (OK, a Pole with an NFL website who was probably more knowledgable than him), and Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller.

You want to know the results? Here are the results.

Last Place: Matt Miller, Bleacher Report… 0
Fourth Place: Polish Guy, Polish NFL Website, Poland, Milky Way… 1
Third Place: Matt Rudnitsky, SportsGrid… 4
Second Place: Todd McShay, ESPN… 7
First Place: Mel Kiper, ESPN… 8

A competition wouldn’t be a competition without controversy, though.

So, you’re 2013 Who Is The Least Bad At Mock-Drafting-Inanity Champion is… Mel Kiper*. He will have that asterisk forever, and he must live with it. I can’t even imagine the sleepless nights.

(Note: Kiper won the competition with a steroid-assisted .250 batting average. I think I proved my point. Mock drafts are impossible, even if you have luck and sources. Even if you have luck and sorcery. Or maybe not. We’ll call upon Harry Potter next year. But, ’til then, mock drafts are difficult and dumb. And kudos to you, Mel. It turns out, experience and hard work does beget success. I’ll stick with hasty, lazy, dart-throwing. Third place place ain’t so bad.)