2017 NFL Draft: John Ross Fantasy Analysis

2017 NFL Draft: John Ross Fantasy Analysis
  • SportsGrid Staff


The 2017 NFL Draft is taking place in Philadelphia, PA, and we’re giving you fantasy analysis on everything from expected roles to bust potential.

Corey Parson (@TheFantasyExec), Emory Hunt (@FBallGameplan), and Mike Blewitt (@mikeblewitt) give their instant fantasy take on Ross’s NFL potential here, courtesy of the FNTSY Sports Network:

<h2>John Ross 2017 Fantasy Outlook</h2>

Jake Ciely, who has finished in the top four for fantasy football accuracy the last three years, wrote the following about Ross with the Cincinnati Bengals:

Ross has speed, and then some, and then a bit more. It’s that speed that helps him separate and overcome more powerful corners. This isn’t the best landing spot for Fantasy Football purposes though, as A.J. Green gobbles up this offense’s targets. Ross is more intriguing for DFS and those with a solid receiver core looking for that boom/bust, DeSean Jackson-like weekly production.

<h2>John Ross 2017 Mock Draft Evaluation</h2>

And Jayson Braddock, in his mock draft for SportsGrid, evaluated Ross thusly prior to the draft:

33) New Orleans Saints – TRADE (2017 1st round Pick #32 to the Patriots for 2017 2nd round Pick #33 and 2017 5th round Pick #183) WR / John Ross/ Washington – The Saints show the Patriots that they aren’t the only one who can win with their wild trading bonanza. The Saints are willing to oblige the Patriots trade back one spot because they know their guy will still be there at 33. They also sit in a position of power as after the first night of the draft teams will recalibrate their draft boards and may be shocked to find out that someone has slipped out of the first round. If that is the case, the Saints could open the phone lines and acquire more picks. In this mock, the draft falls perfectly for them and they replace Brandin Cooks with an even faster and potentially better speedster in John Ross. Best part for New Orleans is now they don’t have to worry about Cooks’ contract coming due soon and get his replacement for the cheap for the rest of Drew Brees’ career.