2022 NFL Win Totals: Tracking NFL Win Totals Entering Week 12

2022 NFL Win Totals: Tracking NFL Win Totals Entering Week 12

Week 11 saw the Cowboys blow out the Vikings, The Patriots defeat the Jets for the 14th straight time, and the 49ers take down the Cardinals in Mexico City. 

Here’s how the win totals are impacted:

Team Win Total  Record
Arizona Cardinals 7.5 4-7
Atlanta Falcons 4.5 5-6
Baltimore Ravens 10.5 7-3
Buffalo Bills 11.5 7-3
Carolina Panthers 5.5 3-8
Chicago Bears  6.5 3-8
Cincinnati Bengals 8.5 6-4
Cleveland Browns 8.5 3-7
Dallas Cowboys 8.5 7-3
Denver Broncos  9.5 3-7
Detroit Lions 6.5 4-6
Green Bay Packers 10.5 4-7
Houston Texans  4.5 1-8-1
Indianapolis Colts 7.5 4-6-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 6.5 3-7
Kansas City Chiefs 11.5 8-2
Las Vegas Raiders  7.5 3-7
Los Angeles Chargers 10.5 5-5
Los Angeles Rams 10.5  3-7
Miami Dolphins 9.5 7-3
Minnesota Vikings 9.5 8-2
New England Patriots 8.5 6-4
New Orleans Saints 8.5 4-7
New York Giants 9.5 7-3
New York Jets 5.5 6-4
Philadelphia Eagles 9.5 9-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 7.5 3-7
San Francisco 49ers 9.5 6-4
Seattle Seahawks 6.5 6-4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12.5 5-5
Tennessee Titans 9.5 7-3
Washington Commanders 7.5 6-5

Arizona Cardinals 7.5 (Current: 6.5) 

Another week without Kyler Murray, another loss for the Cardinals. Up next, they face the Chargers at home. 

Atlanta Falcons 4.5 (Current: 7.5) 

Atlanta earned their fifth win in Week 11 against the Bears. Just past the midpoint of the season, the Falcons passed their preseason projected win total. Their updated win total bumps to 7.5 heading into Week 12’s matchup with the Commanders. 

Baltimore Ravens 10.5 (Current: 11.5) 

The Ravens hold first place in the AFC North with a record of 7-3. They are entering the lightest part of their schedule, with the Jaguars, Broncos, and Steelers slated over the next three weeks. 

Buffalo Bills 11.5

The Bills escaped snowstorms in Buffalo to win their “home” game against the Browns in Detroit. Up next, another showdown at Ford Field. In a quick turnaround, they’ll face the Lions on Thanksgiving Day. 

Carolina Panthers 4.5

Carolina falls to 3-8 with a Week 11 loss to the Ravens. Even with the team’s surprising win over the Bucs in October, their projected win total is back at 4.5. 

Chicago Bears 6.5 (Current: 5.5) 

As proven week after week, the Bears know how to score points. They just don’t know how to score enough points to win games. They struggle to close games, despite having a dominant rushing game and a strong leader in Justin Fields. They next look to bounce back against the Jets on the road. 

Cincinnati Bengals 8.5 (Current: 9.5)

The Bengals came off the bye with momentum, powering their way to a divisional win over the Steelers in Week 11. Up next, they travel to Tennessee to face the Titans. 

Cleveland Browns 8.5 (Current: 6.5) 

The Browns fall to 3-7 with a Week 11 loss to the Bills. They have another formidable opponent in Week 12, taking on Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. Based on Cleveland’s recent performances and strength of schedule, their projected win total drops to 6.5. 

Dallas Cowboys 8.5 (Current: 11.5)

The Cowboys defeated the Vikings in a blowout 40-3 victory, establishing their position as a legitimate playoff contender. Up next is a divisional contest with the Giants. With so many winnable games left on the schedule, their projected total bumps up three wins.

Denver Broncos 9.5 (Current: 5.5) 

The Broncos fall to 3-7 with a divisional loss to the Raiders in Week 11. Their new projected win total falls to 5.5, and their chances of making playoffs are slim to none. 

Detroit Lions 6.5 

The Lions are on a three-game win streak after their Week 11 win over the Giants. They move up to second place in the NFC North ahead of the Packers and Bears. 

Green Bay Packers 10.5 (Current: 6.5) 

It’s about time to write off the Packers. They fall to 4-7 after a disappointing loss to the Titans in Week 11. Looking ahead, Green Bay would likely have to go 5-1 or 6-0 to even have a shot at making the playoffs. Considering they’ve lost six of their last seven games, the chances of that happening are slim. 

Houston Texans 4.5 (Current: 2.5) 

The Texans fall to 1-8-1, losing to the Commanders in Week 11. With the rest of the season looking bleak, their projected win total falls to just 2.5 wins. 

Indianapolis Colts 7.5 (Current: 6.5)

The Colts nearly took down the Eagles in Week 11. They continue to struggle on offense, settling for field goals instead of succeeding in the end zone. Up next is a Monday night matchup with the Steelers.

Jacksonville Jaguars 6.5 

The Jaguars had a bye in Week 11. They reach the most challenging part of their schedule in the coming weeks, including matchups with the Ravens, Cowboys, Titans, and Jets. 

Kansas City Chiefs 11.5 (Current: 13.5)

The Chiefs all but clinched their seventh straight AFC West title with a comeback win over the Chargers. Up next, they face the Rams at home. 

Las Vegas Raiders 7.5 (Current: 5.5) 

The Raiders defeated the Broncos by just one point in Week 11. They are still five games below .500, and their chances of making the postseason hover somewhere under five percent. 

Los Angeles Chargers 10.5 (Current: 9.5) 

The Chargers fall to 5-5 with a loss to the Chiefs in Week 11. The loss essentially puts them out of the picture for an AFC West title and decreases their chances of a wild-card berth. 

Los Angeles Rams 10.5 (Current: 8.5) 

With another loss in Week 11, the Rams’ season is basically over. After four losses in a row and six in the past seven games, it would take wins in nearly all of their remaining games for the team to reach the playoffs.

Miami Dolphins 9.5 (Current: 10.5) 

The Dolphins had a bye in Week 11. Week 12 features a highly winnable game against the Texans. Miami’s projected win total increases to double-digits as they battle for placing in the highly competitive AFC East. 

Minnesota Vikings 9.5 (Current: 12.5) 

The Vikings were beaten down by the Cowboys in Week 11. Despite the embarrassing 40-3 loss, the Vikings are still first in the division by multiple games. Their new projected win total stands at 12.5. 

New England Patriots 8.5 

The Patriots beat the Jets once again. New England took home their 14th straight win over New York with a Marcus Jones 84-yard punt return for a touchdown as time expired.

New Orleans Saints 8.5 (Current: 6.5)

New Orleans defeated the Rams 27-20 in Week 11. With a record of 3-8, they are now third in the NFC South ahead of the Panthers. 

New York Giants 9.5 (Current: 10.5) 

The Giants dropped their third loss of the season to the Lions in Week 11. They still have multiple winnable games on the schedule and could make the postseason with just two or three more victories. Their projected win total improves to double-digits. 

New York Jets 5.5 (Current: 8.5) 

The Jets dropped their sixth loss of the season to the Patriots in Week 11. Regarding playoff contention, the Jets are a bubble team. They have already surpassed their preseason projected win total, which now stands at 8.5. 

Philadelphia Eagles 9.5 (Current: 13.5) 

The Eagles barely squeaked out a win against the Colts in Week 11. The offense struggled most of the game, needing a late go-ahead touchdown from Jalen Hurts to secure the win. Their new projected win total stands at 13.5 heading into their next matchup with the Packers. 

Pittsburgh Steelers 7.5 (Current: 5.5) 

The Steelers are still last in the AFC North with a 3-7 record. With just a few winnable games left on the schedule, their projected win total has decreased to 5.5. 

San Francisco 49ers 9.5 (Current: 10.5) 

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw four touchdowns on the way to the 49ers’ 38-10 win over the Cardinals in Mexico City. They move into first place in the NFC West with a record of 6-4. 

Seattle Seahawks 6.5 (Current: 9.5) 

The Seahawks had a bye in Week 11. They are 6-4 entering their next matchup against the Raiders. With six wins under their belt and multiple winnable games left on their schedule, they have a strong chance of surpassing their projected win total and meeting their new projected total of 9.5. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12.5 (Current: 9.5) 

The Bucs had a bye in Week 11 and will return to face the Browns in Week 12. Their new projected win total is 9.5 due to the team’s surprising losing skid during the first half of the season. 

Tennessee Titans 9.5 (Current: 10.5) 

The Titans hold onto first in the division with a Week 11 win over the Packers. They post a record of 7-3 heading into their Week 12 matchup with Joe Burrow and the Bengals. 

Washington Commanders 7.5 (Current 8.5) 

With Week 11’s win over the Texans, the Commanders have now won five of their last six games. They sit at the bottom of the NFC East with a record of 6-5.