29 Players Who Didn’t Make The Pro Bowl Will Play In The Pro Bowl

  • Dylan Murphy

This weekend, in the middle of that two-week lull between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, is the Pro Bowl. Players who are participating in the Super Bowl are exempt, and injured players are excused as well. But The Game Must Go On, because everyone loves the Pro Bowl, so the NFL kindly invites replacements.

Well this year, there are a lot of replacements. 29, to be exact. 29 players who didn’t make the Pro Bowl, but will get the opportunity to spend a week in Hawaii for the facade of an all-star game, which isn’t even a true all-star game anyway.

We’re also not exactly sure how the whole contract bonus thing comes into play here – whether players have to make the Pro Bowl on the initial list, or a plea-for-help call-up from Roger Goodell suffices for some piles of cash.

The NFC is a 2.5-point favorite, by the way.