3 Teams That Should Go After Adrian Peterson

3 Teams That Should Go After Adrian Peterson
  • Marcus Blackwell

Ladies and gentlemen, Adrian Peterson is on the market. The Minnesota Vikings will not be picking up Peterson’s 2017 option.

It is undeniable that AP is one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, but he is coming off an injury plagued season where he tore his meniscus and was only able to play three games during the regular season. Of course Peterson is not where he once was athletically, but he has shown to have an uncanny ability to bounce back from severe injuries that require surgery.

With all that being said, there are a number of teams that would benefit from the acquisition of AP and we have narrowed it down to three teams that should make an effort to sign the 31-year-old running back.


Green Bay Packers

Despite Tom Brady’s legendary play all throughout last season, Aaron Rodgers is debatably the best quarterback in football and teaming him up with Adrian Peterson would be great for both players.  Green Bay has a much better offensive line than Minnesota that would enable Peterson to be extremely effective and cater to his run style. This would also make defenses have to respect the run game more, allowing Aaron Rodgers to become possibly even more dominant than he already has shown to be in the past few years. Green Bay would have to adjust their play-calling a bit, as Rodgers loves the shotgun, but it would be worth it. Sounds like a great move right?


New York Giants

Peterson to the Big Apple would be an important pickup for the Giants. New York went 11-5 last season before losing to the Packers in the Playoffs. The Giants are in need of a running back, and who better to go after than Adrian Peterson.  Eli Manning, who is now 36, needs an good running back not only because it would help him be a more effective quarterback than he has been in the past couple seasons or since they last had a dominant run game, but it would also be beneficial toward his health and longevity in the league. Manning, Peterson and Beckham Jr. would be trouble for any defense in the NFL.



Oakland Raiders

Oakland is a team that has a bright future. They went 12-4 last season. They have cap space, the have a young star quarterback in Derek Carr and an exceptional offensive line.  Of all the teams named, this would be the most ideal scenario for Adrian Peterson. His power running ability would bring depth to the already effective Raider offense, taking pressure off of Derek Carr and making their offense that much more potent. This balance is exactly what Oakland is looking for. The Raiders are very close to contending for a Super Bowl and the addition of Adrian Peterson is just what they need.