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3 Tight Ends with Tough 2017 Fantasy Football Strength of Schedules

  • David Gonos


Smart Fantasy Football owners do a bunch of free mock drafts, sign up for the RotoExperts Xclusive Edge draft package, and take a closer look at tight ends with tough 2017 Fantasy Strengths of Schedules.

In Fantasy Football, tight ends are kind of like quarterbacks in that pretty much everyone has a pretty good one. But if you spend a pick on a great one, and he turns out to be a stinker, you’ve dug yourself a deep hole.

That’s why looking ahead for tight ends with tough Fantasy Strength of Schedules for 2017 might be a wise move. It won’t make your team awesome, but it could help keep your team from missing the playoffs.

Remember, though, just because these tight ends are going up against very good pass defenses, that shouldn’t completely change your Fantasy rankings. But they can help you break some rankings tiebreakers. Just bump these guys down a couple spots in your rankings.

By the time the NFL Preseason rolls around, we’ll have covered all these Fantasy Strength of Schedules:

We’re not going to point out tight ends you were never thinking about starting. For instance, we’re only going to mention the Fantasy starters, not the backups you weren’t drafting as starters anyway.

3 Tough 2017 Fantasy Strength of Schedules For Tight Ends

We’ll be taking our Fantasy Strength of Schedules from the research done over at I used the Fantasy SoS for Weeks 1-16, since that’s the normal length for Fantasy Football leagues.

Photo Credit: AP Images/Mark Zaleski

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