4 NFL Coaches That Are Obviously Long-Lost Relatives of Old NFL Coaches

  • David Gonos

Something I’ve noticed over the past couple years is that – I’m old. I’m starting to see some old NFL head coaches that I grew up with in the ‘80s and ‘90s in the faces and mannerisms of some of the new NFL head coaches.

Could it be? Is it possible? Might some of these new NFL head coaches be the long-lost relatives of old NFL head coaches? (Let’s say it’s possible just so we can continue down this road!)


4 NFL Coaches that Look Like 4 Old NFL Coaches

You might have to squint on some of these, and you might have to use your imagination on others. But I think after looking at these head coaches next to each other, you’ll agree that there has to be some shared DNA in there!


Jim Tomsula is Obviously Mike Ditka’s Illegitimate Son

Ditka-Tomsula - New NFL head coaches look like old NFL head coaches

The hair line makes a big difference, of course, as Ditka’s hair was what kept him warm for all that time in the Windy City.


Andy Reid Has to Be Mike Holmgren’s Younger Brother

Mike Holmgren - Andy Reid

I’m guessing the fight for the last pork chop was an all-out donnybrook!


Ken Whisenhunt is Definitely Barry Switzer’s Long-Lost Nephew


How ‘bout them Titans!?!


Bill O’Brien Might As Well Be Called Bill Parcells Jr.


This one really isn’t as much about looks as it is personality and the way they carry themselves. If you watched any of HBO’s Hard Knocks this past August, you had to think O’Brien was channeling the former Giants head coach, as he sounded just like him – in tone and personality.

Are there some new-to-old NFL coaches lookalikes that I’m missing? Let us know!

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