49ers’ Ahmad Brooks On RGIII: ‘I Don’t Think He Should Be Playing. Everybody Can See It’

  • Rick Chandler

Everyone has their theory on why Washington is 3-8, and Robert Griffin III is having a bad season. Surprisingly, very little is mentioned about his knee… by the media or players, anyway.

Except when you talk with San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks, whose team throttled Griffin III and Washington on Monday night. CSN Washington:

Asked about RG3 after the Niners 27-6 win over the Redskins, Brooks said plainly that Griffin is still fighting a knee injury and shouldn’t be playing.

“He’s obviously a man and he makes his own decisions, but I personally don’t feel he should be playing right now,” Brooks said.

Asked directly if Griffin shouldn’t be playing because of the knee injury he sustained in a January playoff loss to Seattle, Brooks confirmed.

“I don’t think he should be playing,” he said again. “You can see it. Everybody can see it, everybody can see it.”

If Brooks can see it, Mike Shanahan certainly does. So is the coach knowingly running out an injured player when the better move would be to play Kirk Cousins and let RGIII completely heal? Isn’t this all on Shanahan?