Update: The Guy Who Claimed To Bet His Life Savings On An NFL Parlay Lost, And It Wasn’t Close

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Sad Colin Kaepernick

Last week, I told you about a redditor who claimed to bet his life savings on an NFL parlay that required both the Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers to cover the spread yesterday.

This was the only evidence he provided, and I was extremely skeptical that it was real.

The Bengals were favored by one. They lost in overtime. The 49ers were favored by 6. They lost by one. 0-for-2=$0 life savings.

As I said last week, I think it’s highly unlikely someone could deposit this much money into this sportsbook, Bovada, on short notice, if at all. And even if they could, the standard limit on NFL parlays is only $1,000. I suppose it’s possible he could have called and gotten permission to make this absurd bet, but again, I’m hugely skeptical. And it’s not that hard to change some HTML or photoshop this.

So, there’s a good chance he didn’t actually lose his life savings.

Still, it’s worth looking at the garbage he was spewing after (maybe) placing the bet, because it’s typical of standard reasoning given by dumb people who bet more than they afford.

In the unlikely event that I actually lose this bet, I still have a job and a place to live and food in the kitchen and beer in the fridge. It’s not like my life will be over.

(In the unlikely event = a parlay with an implied losing probability of ~75%.)

My girlfriend doesn’t know I had this money in the first place. Which definitely made it easier.

The money was a combination of saving paychecks, and making money off of speculating bitcoins and stocks. Not quite enough to significantly alter the course of my life, which is why I’m throwing it all in on a one-shot to try to do so…

… just gotta pull for my teams. I think SF will surprise the Panthers though. With MM back they won’t know what kind of offense to prepare for…

No, this is my first time gambling a large amount. Though I have gambled smaller amounts of money before. I’m not going to lose.

The dude is either a liar, or a moron. I hope he’s just a liar.