Atlanta Falcons Fan Stabbed In Throat By 49ers Fan After NFC Championship Game

  • Dylan Murphy

After the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Atlanta Falcons 28-24 in the NFC Championship game, violence erupted outside the Georgia Dome when a 35-year-old Falcons fan began arguing with an unidentified 49ers fan. The Falcons fan eventually punched the 49ers fan, who responded by reaching into his pocket, grabbing a knife and stabbing the Falcons fan in the throat.

Via WSB-TV Atlanta:

“‘Well, one of the falcons Fans just kept talking, telling him, ‘You ain’t going to come here and win and nothing,’ and he hit the man, and that’s what happened. The man went into his pocket and cut him,’ witness Tony Morgan said.”

The Falcons fan is in stable condition at Grady Hospital recovering from his injuries, and the 49ers fan remains at large. Police, however, did recover the knife used in the stabbing at the scene.

[WSB-TV Atlanta]