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49ers Mascot Flips Off NFL Schedule-Makers In This Delightful Twitter Vignette

  • Rick Chandler


… and this goes for all y’all.

Yes, the NFL schedule came out today, and San Francisco seems to be especially bitter. The 49ers had a nice little Twitter feature all ready to go, but as it unfolded it appeared that the team’s mascot was just destroying other teams’ symbols with increasing rage.

The mascot, Sourdough Sam, presented the schedule by displaying toys to represent each 49ers’ opponent, in order of season appearance. Highlight: When he got to Arizona … oops! Child-inappropriate!

(Actually I think that’s supposed to be a cactus).

Look at the frustration borne out on other team symbols. A toy Ram is head-butted. A Cowboy balloon is popped (subtle). A Jaguars helmet is raised from a litter box.

But when it comes to NFC West rivals Seattle, Sam snaps and goes on a murder spree:


That got rather murdery.

Schedule Highlights

* The first Sunday Night Football matchup? Of course it’s Giants at Cowboys.

* We now live in an era in which two former Cowboys quarterbacks could be calling Cowboys games on national TV. Of course you’ve got Troy Aikman at Fox, who will probably get a couple. But look to Week 9, when new CBS color man Tony Romo may get the Chiefs-at-Cowboys game. Nothing is for certain of course, but that’s the best bet for a Dallas game called by Romo.

* OK, this is bizarre. Jon Gruden in your nightmares.

* Week 2 Sunday Night Football is a rematch of the NFC title game, with Green Bay visiting Atlanta’s new stadium.

* J-E-T-S Jets! Je–oh skip it.

* I don’t think I want to be in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve. Dec. 31: Raiders at Chargers, 1 p.m.; 49ers at Rams, 1 p.m.