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5 Great Trivia Questions For Your Fantasy Football Draft Party

  • David Gonos


In the ‘90s, when I was in just one league, and Fantasy Football draft party was the summer extravaganza we all had prepared for over the past six months, I used to offer up trivia questions to the league members at different breaks in the draft.

We’d even have a small prize for the trivia winner at the end of the draft. Then at one point, we created a full-blown Fantasy Football Draft Party Jeopardy game that we played after the draft. It became a big deal! Then people moved away and the draft party moved online and we all started joining multiple leagues – and life changed!

But for those of you still smart enough to go to a live Fantasy Football Draft Party, we thought we’d share some pretty great trivia questions, based around Fantasy Football itself.

These aren’t your granddad’s NFL trivia questions, like what were the Jets called before they became the Jets? (The Titans from 1960-62!) These are all questions specifically dealing with Fantasy Football – that many Fantasy experts might not even get!

5 Great Fantasy Football Draft Party Trivia Questions

When we refer to Average Draft Positions, we’re using ADP for non-PPR leagues from and First, we’ll ask the five questions here – and we’ll provide the answers in the slideshow below.

  1. Which Player Was the 1st Overall Fantasy Pick In ADP the Most Times Since 2000?
  2. Since 2000, Which RB Was the Only No. 1 Overall Fantasy Pick After Once Being a Backup On a Different NFL Team?
  3. Are There More PPR Commissioner Leagues or Non-PPR Leagues on
  4. Which NFL Kicker Attempted an NFL-record 52 Field Goals in 2011?
  5. What’s the Only NFL Team To Have Two Different 1st Overall Fantasy Picks Since 2000?


Featured Photo Credit: AP Photo/Paul Hawthorne

David Gonos

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