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5 Overhyped Fantasy Football Players You Are Wrong To Love

  • David Gonos

Overhyped Fantasy Football Players Pryor-AP-Photo-Bill-Wipper

Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken part in a few experts mock drafts, and I’ve done a bunch of free Fantasy mock drafts of my own, and it is becoming clear that there are a handful of Fantasy Football players everyone else loves – that I hate.

Well, to say hate, that’s a strong word, but I definitely don’t love these players at the price they’re paying. It’s like a grilled cheese sandwich at a restaurant. I don’t care what kind of cheese you put on there, I’m not paying $12 for a grilled cheese sandwich. But if it’s at $2, I’ll love me some grilled cheese sammiches!!!

Understand that this handful of players are still worth owning at lower prices, just not at the expensive price that they are currently going for on average in mock drafts and expert drafts.

5 Overhyped Fantasy Football Players You Love Lots That You Should Love Less

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Photo Credit: AP Photo/Bill Wipper

David Gonos

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