5 People You Never Knew Were Drafted in the NFL

  • David Gonos


The NFL Draft has turned into an American holiday weekend of sorts, even though those that loved it a couple decades ago cringe at the pageantry that surrounds it now. (NFL Drafts on Saturdays back in the ‘80s and ‘90s were 10 times the fun we’re seeing over this three-day ad-fest on ESPN.)

With just seven rounds in the NFL Draft these days, it’s unthinkable to imagine people getting drafted that would never even play in the NFL, but instead, they’d choose a different walk of life.

That’s what this article is for – giving props to those people that were drafted by the NFL, only to end up spending life elsewhere.

5 Guys in the NFL Draft You Never Knew About

Sure, the days of watching 22 rounds of an NFL Draft are behind us (seriously, no one ever watched that), but we’d watch if they drafted more guys like this!

And just as a throw-in, Celtics legendary guard John Havlicek was in the Cleveland Browns training camp in 1962, but he wasn’t drafted in the NFL. Slacker.

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