5 Smart Stats on QBs To Alter Your Fantasy Football Rankings

  • David Gonos


Who doesn’t love some interesting stats on quarterbacks!?!

We all love hearing about an interesting stat nugget that might explain why a quarterback had a particularly bad year or a particularly good year. It gives us a leg up (in our minds, at least), as we prepare for our 2017 Fantasy Football drafts!

One of the best free Fantasy draft tools I like to use every football season, including during the season and after the season, is the advanced stats page over at SportingCharts.com. They have some great stat breakdowns for each position, but specifically for quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. I broke down the interesting stats on running backs here, and the wide receivers here.

5 Stats That Might Change Your Fantasy Rankings on These Quarterbacks

These stats should be taken into account as you begin to do your offseason Fantasy Football research.

Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann, Getty Images

David Gonos

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