5 Stats on Fantasy Football Kickers That Are Actually Interesting!

  • David Gonos


Fantasy Football kickers are the hobby’s version of daily vitamins. Some people say they’re good for you, some say they don’t do anything, and many more are just too busy with the rest of their lives to give two flips about them.

But today – today is different!

We tracked down some interesting stats for Fantasy Football kickers that will help you during your upcoming 2017 Fantasy drafts!

Basically, we considered an interesting drafting strategy for kickers, checked out the stats, rankings and Average Draft Position, and proposed five kickers worth a look in 2017 Fantasy Football leagues!

Each year, I track down the best free Fantasy Football draft tools to use every season, and that includes stuff I find on kickers, so stay tuned as I updated it through the summer!

5 Stats on Fantasy Football Kickers To Consider

A good draft strategy for Fantasy kickers is – wait until the last round to draft one, so it makes it that much easier to cut him! But on top of that, here are some other ideas!

Photo Credit: Patrick Smith, Getty Images

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