5 Third-Round Fantasy Football Studs From Past 5 Years

  • David Gonos


Getting drafted in the first three rounds in the NFL Draft is a huge accomplishment! This means you are one of the top 100 college football players coming into the NFL!

Even so, getting picked in the third round has a way of tasting bad in many player’s mouths.

First, it’s a big drop in salary! You go from being a $4 or $5 million player in the first round, down to just under $1 million as a third-rounder. Chump change! (I could really go for some chump change, right now.)

Second, a third-round pick is a player that’s likely going to have to battle for a starting gig, unlike the first and second rounders that are pretty much asked to step right in with the first teamers.

Third, third-round picks are shoved to the end of the second day of the NFL Draft. Even fourth-rounders get more pub getting picked at noon on Saturday than a late third-rounder going off the board around 11pm Friday night.

So we thought we’d give some love to the great third-rounders of the past five NFL Drafts, dating back to 2012. These are guys that went from barely being top 100 players in their draft class to being stud Fantasy Football players!

(One thing I’d like to point out, however, is that 2016 was a particularly stinky year for third-round Fantasy finds. Maybe they’ll do something in Year 2!)

Third-Round NFL Draft Studs: 5 Fantasy Football Studs Since 2012

Remember that guys like Joe Montana, Dan Fouts, Jamaal Charles, Frank Gore, Terrell Owens and Jimmy Graham were all third-round picks in the NFL Draft.


David Gonos

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