4 Tight End Fantasy Stats You Didn’t Know From Last Year

  • David Gonos


The world has become a great big calculator, where numbers rule everything. Like it or not, analytics is changing everything from the music we listen to, to the foods we eat and even the people we might like to meet. So learning some interesting tight end fantasy stats from a year ago isn’t that out of the ordinary, especially if it can help you do better with your 2017 Fantasy Football draft prep!

We found a handful of interesting stats on tight ends from 2016 that I believe will affect your 2017 Fantasy rankings!

Many of these stats come from the free Fantasy Football draft tools I like to use every offseason. A couple of them specifically come from the great stat breakdowns over at SportingCharts.com. While they don’t break down the tight ends position from the wide receivers, we were still able to cull them out. We also did this exercise of finding great stats to help alter your Fantasy rankings for quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers.

4 Tight End Fantasy Stats You Didn’t Know From Last Year

These stats should be taken into account as you begin to do your offseason 2017 Fantasy Football research.

Photo Credit: Wesley Hitt, Getty Images

David Gonos

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