5 Unique Daily Fantasy Football Games To Try This Week

  • David Gonos

Unique-Daily-Fantasy-Games-SURVIVORThe long summer of Fantasy Baseball gives way to the weekly sprints that are Daily Fantasy Football games!

About 10 percent of the people that play traditional Fantasy Football games also take part in Daily Fantasy Football, also known as weekly games. While this is obviously the future of the hobby, it’s slow to catch on with the masses, and those that do give it a try often find that they are dealing with a bunch of sharks in the DFS waters.

So I thought I’d share five unique Daily Fantasy games to try. These still require you to pick the best players each week, and you still have to score points – but other than that, all of these games are one-of-a-kind.

5 Unique Daily Fantasy Games

Give these games a shot, and I bet you’ll come back for more in Week 2!


SKYLLZONE Fan vs. Machine

You draft against nine evil computers in a free instant snake draft. Tell me that’s not already the coolest DFS idea you’ve ever heard. Rather than fill out a salary cap lineup, you are randomly assigned a draft slot, and you instantly go into a draft room for the upcoming week’s NFL matchups. Download the free app for your iPhone or just draft at the website.

You get a free draft each day, and you earn SKYLLL Points depending on how well you do in your drafts. Then, you exchange the SKYLL Points for entry into the Cash games. It’s FREE entry, with cash winnings! Plus, I write with the crew at blog.SKYLLZONE.com to help fans beat the evil machines! Here’s a link to our latest Week 1 Human ADP results to help you draft!


Draft Day Rapid Fire

Rather than fill out a full Fantasy Football lineup and take a ton of time to do a lot of research, you can just look at these five matchups (pictured above) between pairs of players on DraftDay.com. You pick which player you think will win each matchup, and if you get at least three of the five matchups right, you basically double your money (minus the rake). Brilliant!

For instance, do you think Matthew Stafford will score more Fantasy points at home against the Giants than Nick Foles at home against the Jaguars? It’s that easy! Much like the SKYLLZONE game, you aren’t going up against other people – you’re only trying to beat your own picks.

Draft Day Rapid Fire, unique daily fantasy games


SportsTradex.com Pick’em Game

One of my favorite games each week of the NFL season is to play the draft contests on SportsTradex.com. Much like the other games on this list, you don’t have to do huge deep dives into the statistical research to find great plays each week. Basically, you choose sets of players you think will play better than other sets of players. For instance, which group will score more points:

  • Randall Cobb vs. SEA
    Julius Thomas vs. IND
    T.Y. Hilton vs. DEN
  • Marshawn Lynch vs. GB
    Anquan Boldin vs. DAL
    Torrey Smith vs. CIN

You just have to choose one group to outscore the other – but do it eight times among the other 10 matchups. Then, whichever person picks the most right selections wins the pot! I like to play the “Double-Up” games, so that I only have to finish in the top half to win some money.


Draft Day: The Big Tebowski

Draft Day actually does have a lot of different games, so don’t be surprised to see them on here a couple times. In this game, you fill out a lineup and you’re hoping to hit a target: score 175 points. If your lineup scores 175 Fantasy points, then you win a share of the pot (with the other people that scored over 175 points).


FantasyFeud.com’s Survivor Game

You pick one quarterback, one running back and one wide receiver each week on FantasyFeud.com, and you can’t use the same lineup twice all season. Those that last the longest win some dough! That’s pretty easy, right?