50 Things To Get Excited For With 50 Days Until The 2013 NFL Season

  • Zach Berger

We are just 50 days away from Thursday, September 5, 2013 when the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos will face off to start the NFL season. This is the final home stretch between you and the best few months on the yearly sports calendar.

I’m sure that this news alone has you jumping up and down uncontrollably, screaming at the top of your lungs, and trying to figure out which jersey you’ll wear on Opening Day, but just in case it didn’t, we here at SportsGrid threw together this list of 50 Things To Get Excited For With 50 Days ‘Til Football:

1. Over/Under one snap for Tim Tebow on the year
2. Wes Welker playing in Denver with Peyton Manning
3. Alex Smith proving he’s still got it in Kansas City (or “The Andy Reid Experiment”)
4. Four great sophomore starting QBs (RGIII, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick)
5. The inevitable mid-season or end-of-season Rex Ryan firing

6. A high-octane Eagles offense led by Chip Kelly
7. Marshawn Lynch doing amazing things with a football in his hands
8. Joe Flacco not living up to his insane contract
9. Reggie Bush + Calvin Johnson + Matt Stafford = fun Lions offense
10. The 49ers-Seahawks division battle as (arguably) the two best teams in the NFL
11. A new season means a bunch of new Manning Faces

12. Hearing Skip Bayless talk about Tim Tebow
12. Greg Jennings vs. the Green Bay Packers on national television
13. Darrelle Revis making a homecoming in Week 1
14. Mike Wallace vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers
15. Fantasy Football and all of the weekly headaches that go along with it
16. Steven Jackson proving he’s still got it in Atlanta
17. Danny Amendola leading the league in receptions (if he stays healthy)
18. Seeing which Jets QB is named starter and how quickly they get benched (Mark Sanchez vs. Geno Smith)

19. Ryan Tannehill trying to prove he’s a legitimate NFL starter
20. Roger Goodell inevitably pissing everyone off a few times
20. The race to be the worst team in the NFL (leading contenders: Jets, Jaguars, Raiders, Jets, Cardinals, Bills, Jets, Jets)
21. The Saints trying to break their own record for worst defense ever, set last year
22. Drew Brees trying to break his own record for single season passing yards
23. The Bengals offense actually being exciting!? (Green, Dalton, Sanu, Eifert, The Law Firm)
24. Anything related to Michael Vick (if he plays, if he gets cut, etc.)

25. Seeing if Cam Newton sucks again this year
26. RGIII’s comeback
27. Tony Romo’s potential mid-season benching after getting a contract extension this offseason
28. CJ2K or CJ0K
29. First-year head coaches (Arians in Zona, Bradley in Jax, Chudzinski in Cleveland, Kelly in Philly, Marrone in Buffalo, McCoy in SD, Reid in KC, Trestman in Chitown)
30. The potential for a Ravens championship repeat
31. No Ray Lewis in the NFL (Finally!)

32. The Pro Bowl
32. Seeing if the Skins win the NFC East again or if their success was just a flash in a pan
33. Saints head coach Sean Payton returning after his one-year suspension
34. Dion Jordan probably being a bust for the Dolphins
35. Shariff Floyd proving the haters wrong after dropping in the NFL Draft
36. The Rams offense (dat Sam Bradford-Tavon Austin connection)
37. Matt Flynn maybe, possibly, potentially being a starting quarterback this year
38. JaMarcus Russell being skinny and maybe, possibly, potentially getting signed

39. Larry Fitzgerald having a decent quarterback again in Carson Palmer
40. The Colts possibly signing Icelandic weightlifter Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson
41. Seeing if Josh Brent plays football this year (or ever again)
42. Hearing about Aaron Hernandez all season long
42. The inevitable slew of steroids suspensions
43. The inevitable slew of player arrests
44. Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning in Week 12

45. Two Seattle vs. San Francisco games (defensive-minded division rivals with second-year starting quarterbacks)
46. Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos season opener (rematch of the playoff game that Denver blew)
47. The first-ever cold weather Super Bowl
48. Beer on Sundays
49. Tailgating
50. Gambling

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