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7 Articles On Undervalued 2017 Fantasy Football Players

  • David Gonos


What’s the worst thing that can happen to your Fantasy Football team this year? Injuries and busts, right? Early round players that end up getting hurt for the season or for a few games, and early round players that just underperform.

What’s the best way to offset those two major issues? Draft enough good undervalued Fantasy Football players to either a) offset those busts and injuries, b) bolster those picks to make your team really strong or c) build enough depth to allow you to trade for help at weak positions.

7 Links to Stories on Undervalued 2017 Fantasy Football Players

These articles will help you figure out how to find undervalued Fantasy Football players as much as they will just name them for your drafting pleasure.

Top Fantasy Football Players To Prevent Losing

By Jake Ciely of

In spite of the horrible headline, this is a great article from Jake! He shares four players – one at each of the main Fantasy positions. He makes great arguments for all four players, but it’s his running back that I’m particularly behind as much, if not more, than the “All In Kid.” Hint: He’s a rookie – and he’s awesome.

5 Overlooked Fantasy Football Bargains YOU Should Target Late

By Ethan Lillard of

Finding better value from players than the spot where they are being selected is the key to building a Fantasy team with upside. Lillard points out five players with good upside and relatively cheap prices, two of whom happen to be running backs.

IDP Sleeper: Marquel Lee, LB, Oakland Raiders


If you’re in a larger IDP league, that starts three or four linebackers, then you’re definitely in the market for a sleeper or two at the “RB” position for IDP leagues. In this case, the Raiders waited until the fifth round to fill their linebacker slot. Johnson cites the hiring of John Pagano as the Raiders’ assistant head coach as a tipoff that the Raiders might move to a 3-4 defense. That would make Lee the attack backer, which is music to IDP owners’ ears.

Making the Case to Draft Andy Dalton

By Keith Lott of

It’s an interesting argument, considering Dalton went from the 19th-best QB to 12th last season. Plus, he’s adding a dynamic running back in Joe Mixon and a speed freak in John Ross. Lott makes a solid argument for drafting Dalton, but you’ll have to read into his reasonings to really understand why.

2017 Fantasy Wide Receivers Rising and Falling

By Robert Lorge of

Lorge lists a cool dozen wideouts he believes are ether being undervalued, like Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall, or overvalued, like Jordan Matthews, who he says no one wants on their Fantasy teams.

2017 Fantasy Football 10 Late Round Targets

By Kevin Huo of

Not just one, but TWO handfuls of late-round players Fantasy Football owners should target beyond the 93rd pick. Huo delivers a late-round quarterback he loves, three running backs, four wide receivers and a tight end – all taken in ADP later than the first defense/special teams is being taken.

Top 30 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings For 2017: The Kids Are Alright

By David Gonos of

Everyone loves a good rookie! They’re like opening up a present from your crazy Uncle Gus – it could be some amazing toy you never knew existed, or it could be half a ham sandwich … with mustard. And ohhh, do you hate mustard. I rank the top 30 rookies for the upcoming season, but as we’ve learned in recent history, it’s quite often the unknown rookies, like Thomas Rawls, Michael Thomas and Stefon Diggs, that prove to be the most undervalued Fantasy Football players in any season.

Meanwhile … Over at

The RotoExperts discuss how the loss of Brandin Cooks and the addition of other players might affect the Fantasy Football value of Willie Snead. He might just be a superb mid-round sleeper in all formats!

Did you learn about some interesting undervalued Fantasy Football players for 2017? Stay tuned as we try to track more down for you in the coming years.

David Gonos

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