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7 Contract-Year Fantasy Football Players With Breakout Hopes

  • David Gonos

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Tracking contract-year players for Fantasy Football purposes in 2017 might seem like a futile process. These guys are professionals. Is an NFL player suddenly going to play much better just because he’s in the final year of a contract, hoping to get a big deal for multiple years next season, possibly with a new ballclub?


But think about it like this – if you were in the final year of your contract at a company you worked for, and if you had an overly productive season, you would likely get a big contract next season for several years, it might change things for you.

For instance, you might come into work a little earlier and stay a little later. You might take fewer sick days. You might pay more attention during your staff meetings. Maybe you change your diet in order to be at your peak health, so you can work more efficiently?

Translate all of that to an NFL player, most of whom came from below-average incomes as children, with the understanding that their earning window is less than 10 years for most of them, then you can understand why they themselves might view their contract year a little differently.

They might stay in the film room a little longer than usual. Maybe they play through some minor injuries that might have sidelined them in previous seasons. They could train harder and more efficiently, while also trying to stay limber so they don’t get injured more. Maybe they study the playbook harder. Maybe they change their own diet in order to be at peak health!

Last year, LeGarrette Blount, Le’Veon Bell and Kirk Cousins were all playing for contracts in 2017, and they all came through like beasts.

7 Contract-Year Players With Big 2017 Fantasy Football Seasons Ahead

We’re not going to share any quarterbacks, only because the great quarterbacks never change teams in free agency, so while Cousins is once again playing for a big deal, we don’t think his current situation will help him improve on 2016.

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