7 Fantasy Football Comparisons For 2017 NFL Draft Running Backs

  • David Gonos

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The 2017 NFL Draft is full of great college talent, and Fantasy Football owners are sure to find a handful of gems for their own league in the early rounds of this draft.

Sure, offensive linemen and defensive players are of mild interest to a Fantasy Football owner, kind of like how my ex-girlfriend looked at price tags – it’s interesting, but it doesn’t really affect her in any way.

So we’re going to go through a couple handfuls of NFL player comparisons of incoming rookie running backs to NFL veterans we already know.

These comps are going to come from several different places, but mostly from the guys at WalterFootball.com and NFL.com. They both do a great job of breaking down a player’s strengths and weaknesses for their player profiles, which usually include comparisons to players we already know. (We’ll do rookie wide receiver comps next week!)

Also, as you go through these, don’t forget what history has taught us about the top Fantasy rookies in ADP every year.

7 Fantasy Football Comparisons For 2017 NFL Draft Running Backs

Obviously, which NFL teams end up drafting these incoming rookie running backs will greatly affect their Fantasy value (how good would Ezekiel Elliott have been if the , but this at least gives you an idea of what a player could be in the right situation.

By the way, check out Jake Ciely’s Fantasy rookie rankings before the NFL Draft happens — he likes him some Joe Mixon!

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