7 Sports Debates We’d Like to See After the Trump-Clinton Debate

  • David Gonos


With the last of three U.S. Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally passing us by, it got us thinking about some sports debates we’d like to see between a pair of people – or a group of people.

Remember the Debate Club in high school?

Me neither. But it seems like every sitcom mentioned it like it existed, so I’ll just bet I went to some sort of non-argumentative school and move on.

Which sports debates would you like to see hashed out, once and for all, putting all future sports bar arguments to rest? Which two sports personalities would you like to see go at it, pitching their side for everyone to finally make a decision on.

As a matter of fact, I think we should get Survey Monkey involved with everyone of these debates, so we can have official winners! (Really, wouldn’t that be the smartest thing to do for the U.S. elections, too?)

7 Sports Debates We’d Like to See On Network TV

Let’s get these people together for a good ol’ rock-em-sock-em sports debate! With a podium, a moderator – and a scoreboard!

Photo Credit: Jewel Samad, Getty Images

David Gonos

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