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7 Steps To Throwing A Great Super Bowl Party

  • David Gonos


Throwing a great Super Bowl party could make you a superstar in the neighborhood – or the talk of the town (in a bad way). But either way, America takes their Super Bowl parties quite seriously, so throwing a great party should be your goal. Just like how the head coaches and players are going into the game with a gameplan of what they want to do during the game, you should also have some strategy before game day arrives!

Before we get into all the different steps, we thought we’d point out a few really cool items to buy for any Super Bowl party – or football party in general.

Obviously, depending on where you live, an NFL team-themed Super Bowl party makes a lot of sense. Either buy stuff with the two Super Bowl teams on them, like coasters, plates and cups, or just buy stuff with your favorite team – and plan to use them again next year – when they make the Super Bowl! actually has a lot of cool NFL team party supplies, like a New England Patriots Ceramic Chip & Dip Plate, or a set of neoprene coasters with your favorite team’s logo on them.

One particularly fun food/drink item to have at your party is a set of Aardvark NFL team straws with your favorite NFL team’s logo on them. You can buy a pack of 24 of these durable paper straws for less than $7 on Make your party memorable!

My favorite party item, though, is the AlcoMate Revo Breathalyzer, which offers patented, replaceable sensor technology that takes accuracy and performance to another level. AlcoMate happens to be the single-source supplier of breathalyzers to the U.S. Navy and U.S Marine Corps. Use this at the end of your party to make sure everyone gets home safely! This is the most reliable and accurate commercial breathalyzer on the market.


Now that you know what to buy before the big game, let’s start talking about what else you need to do before, during and after your Super Bowl party.

7 Steps to Hosting a Great Super Bowl Party

We offer up these steps as mere guidelines, hoping to inspire you to throw an even better Super Bowl party than we can imagine!

Photo Credit: Christian Petersen, Getty Images

David Gonos

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