8 Best Running Backs In 2017 NFL Draft – And Who Will Draft Them?

  • David Gonos

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Florida State v Houston

It has already been noted that the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft class of running backs could be one of the best groups we’ve seen in years.

Sure, we’ve seen Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott in the past couple years, with David Johnson blowing up as more of a sleeper pick, but we haven’t had very many first-round running backs in the draft.

It remains to be seen whether these college running backs will produce the way we expect in 2016, and who knows, some of these NFL teams we mention below might find a young stud running back among their current stable.

But I always thought a good exercise during the football season is to look ahead at teams that will likely fix problems in their offenses through the draft.

8 NFL Teams Ready to Draft the 5 Best Running Backs of the 2017 NFL Draft

Which running backs are in the final years of their contract? Which running backs are at the tip-top of the 30-year-old hill, ready to officially go over it?

David Gonos

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