7 NFL Storylines For The 2014 Season (As Told By A 8-Year-Old)

  • Jake O'Donnell

A lot of NFL experts out there make bold predictions about the upcoming NFL season just to get you to read their posts. Sure, no one wants to hear the “Well we don’t really know what’s gonna happen” routine, but it gets old reading mildly exciting conjecture. We wanna hear an expert with something to lose predict the Broncos lose the Super Bowl to the Seahawks by 35.

Hell, we want to hear anyone on any site predict something outrageous. That’s why we asked an 8-year-old NFL fan in New Haven, CT, what he thinks about the upcoming season. You might remember him from his Carmelo Anthony/Phil Jackson/James Dolan predictions last April.

You’ll now know him as our in-house NFL expert.

Check out his first eight story-lines for the 2014 NFL season, below, and remember — if you have a problem with them, watch your mouth because he’s eight and you’re an adult.