9 Bad, Young Sports Teams Expected To Be Huuuge During Trump Era

  • David Gonos


President-Elect Donald Trump did the unthinkable in a U.S. election for the ages, which got us thinking about underdogs and bad sports teams who might have good times ahead.

Barring any impeachments or “The Celebrity Apprentice” breaks, Donald Trump is going to be the American President until, at least, 2020. But really, it’s doubtful that he could do anything so bad in office that those that voted him in wouldn’t vote him in again for a second term.

So really, we’re looking at the next eight years of Trump USA.

We looked at the four major sports and handpicked 9 bad sports teams we believe are in line for plenty of success during Donald Trump’s presidency.

9 Bad Sports Teams Ready to Be Great Again During Trump’s Presidency

Which bad sports teams will President Donald Trump be inviting to the White House between 2017 and 2024?

Photo Credit: David Sherman, Getty Images

David Gonos

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