9 Pretty Awesome Father’s Day Gifts For Dad That Don’t Suck

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Father’s Day is sneaking up quickly, and buying awesome Father’s Day gifts for Dad means you have to start looking sooner than later. If not, your Dad will end up with some Funyuns, Bud Light and whatever else you can get at your local Walgreen’s store.

The mere fact you are on this page means you are a proactive child, looking to find Father’s Day gifts for dad that don’t suck. You’re putting some thought into this! You care! You really want your siblings to hate you for how awesome your gifts are compared to theirs!

I’m a big fan of Dads! As a matter of fact, I wrote an open letter to my pops to express my feelings about the big guy, even though he died when I was 21. #Downer. But still, I know he would have loved many of these dad gifts, and I love finding these things. Basically because most dads are really just grown-up boys that have to work hard to take care of their family, but nobody can chill out in down time like a dad can.

So we tracked down some pretty great Father’s Day gifts. Many of these are practical, but most of them are fun, too. Really, isn’t that the best way to describe any great Dad? Practical and fun! … And a little grumpy? Perfect! Let’s make them a little less grumpy with these awesome Dad gifts.

9 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts For Dad That Don’t Suck

We listed gifts to buy in nearly every price range, from as low as $8.99 to as high as $137.

Yeti Rambler Stainless Steel 20 oz Insulated Cup – $22.49

Holy crap, have these cups taken the world by storm or what? They really are ridiculously awesome to drink out of, keeping hot coffee hot for hours and keeping cold stuff cold overnight. I’ve found ice in my cup the next morning still. If your dad is all about the brand, then get him a cool Yeti Cup and bite the bullet. Get different colors! But if you think he’d really just love the cup, then buy him Ozark cups (nice set of two for 30-oz. cups for $26.95), which are absolutely just as good, at a cheaper price.

Yeti Cup - Awesome Father's Day Gifts

FatHeadz Sunglasses – $136.29

As you get older, your head gets bigger. Ask Barry Bonds! But seriously, it ends up being difficult to find sunglasses that fit – and that don’t look like you’re wearing a virtual reality headset on your face. I bought a pair of these FatHeadz sunglasses and they are lightweight and durable with great polarized lenses. Plus, a portion of every sale from their brand new All-American V2.0 line will go toward Folds of Honor, which supports veterans and their families.
FatHeadz sunglasses - Father's Day Gifts

Roku 4 4400 4K UHD Streaming Player — $89

I personally own five Roku streaming devices, and I’ve bought several as gifts for other people. Over-the-top streaming is where entertainment is at these days, so get your Dad one of these awesome streaming devices. They are twice as good as any others – don’t even bother with Amazon Fire TV or Google Chromecast. Roku is a company that concentrates on good streaming devices, whereas those other companies concentrate on everything else. It’s like buying a great bike from a bike store or buying one from Target. Big difference.

Roku streaming player - Awesome Father's Day Gifts

FNTSY Annual Subscription — $29.95

Once you get a streaming player, whether it’s a Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Xbox One, get the FNTSY app loaded on and subscribe. This is 24/7 Fantasy Sports talk with dozens of Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football hosts, that bring in all of your favorite Fantasy experts from other sites on as guests! It’s like the ESPN for Fantasy … but they spell it FNTSY!

Seriously, the Best Dad T-Shirt Ever — $13.90-$15.95

Is your Dad a funny guy? Does he have a great sense of humor? Did he enjoy embarrassing you as a kid? If you answered yes to those questions, then he will absolutely love this t-shirt, and your mom will absolutely hate it. That’s a pretty awesome combo! Imagine the looks his buddies will give him next time he shows up at church wearing this thing!

World's Best Farter -- Awesome Father's Day Gifts

iPhone Protector/Wallet Case– $8.99

Again, this is something that I’ve purchased myself. I hate hauling around my wallet, phone and keys everywhere because I know at some point I’m going to lose one of them. And I’m not getting a murse. So I bought this iPhone case that has a hidden, sliding back compartment where I store some cash and my debit card. Brilliant! Make sure you get the phone case that fits his phone, though. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, and it works like a charm – I’ve had it for over a year now.

iPhone Wallet Case Protector

Grilling Tools For His Favorite NFL Team — $36.99-$44.99

Let me warn you – there are only 15 NFL teams represented here, so hopefully, your Dad is a fan of one of them. It’s a four-piece grilling set with the NFL team’s logo on each handle, and the logo etched on the metal face of the spatula. With the spatula comes a brush, a grilling fork and lnong-handled grilling tongs.

Grilling Tools - Cowboys

San Antonio 1 lb. Cayenne Pepper — 100,000 HU! — $14.15

If your dad likes hot stuff, like an awesome dad would, then buy him this and he will be forever grateful! Traditional cayenne pepper that you get from grocery stores is about 40,000 scovilles (or heat units), so this big shaker is 2.5X as hot. It’s GREAT in chili, chicken soup, in your popcorn oil, on your grilled & seasoned shrimp, and about 100 other things. Sounds like a dumb gift, right? Any hot-head would go nuts to get some super-spicy, 100K HU cayenne pepper bought for them. I promise.

Cayenne Pepper - Great Father's Day Gifts

Cardhu Single-Malt Scotch — $45-ish

Is your pops a Scotch-lover? Does he love Johnnie Walker Black? (If he does, don’t ruin his day by buying him Johnnie Walker Red.) I have it on good authority that JWB, which is a blend of several different scotch whiskeys, has a large percentage of Cardhu Scotch in it. So if they love JWB, then they’re going to become infatuated with the medium-body and smooth mouthfeel of Cardhu. (P.S. Not available at Amazon. Just go to Total Wine.)

Cardhu - Awesome Father's Day Gifts

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