A 2012 Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’ Kinda Nailed Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show

A 2012 Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’ Kinda Nailed Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show
  • Tanya Ray Fox

Not only is ‘The Simpsons’ a pop culture mainstay and the longest-running scripted primetime television show ever, but it’s also earned a reputation for having an uncanny ability to predict major pop culture and societal events long before they happen.

Some of the show’s most clairvoyant moments were depicting Donald Trump as President of the United States, predicting Greece’s economic collapse, showing a near perfect representation of the Higgs boson equation long before its discovery and predicting the Siegfried and Roy tiger attack.

And this time it appears that they looked into the future and saw Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl LI halftime show more than four years before it happened.

Multiple Twitter users have pointed out that a 2012 episode of the show entitled ‘Lisa Goes Gaga’ shows a Lady Gaga concert in which she flies above the crowd on cables in a blue-hued outfit and boots.

Here’s a clip of what everyone is talking about:

Now it’s not exact but it’s pretty damn close, at least considering the fact that this episode is from years ago. Lady Gaga is known for her changing style, and she’s certainly not the same artist that she was when they did this, which makes it all the crazier.

Tanya Ray Fox

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