A Boston Sports Show Got Personal Over Whether Belichick Should Apologize For Hernandez

  • Ricky Boebel

When the weather is hot and the news is slow, it’s easy for local sports stations to get overly invested in a story. That’s just what happened to Boston’s CSN New England while discussing whether Bill Belichick should apologize over Aaron Hernandez wrongdoings. I suggest you skip to the the 2:30 mark:

It’s a nice change of pace watching two hosts that are legitimately mad at each other, instead of the manufactured arguments on ESPN.

The hosts’ faces manage to get progressively more red as the argument continues. Another thing to look out for is how much the host in the middle just stares into his papers wondering how his life got to this point.

The enraged panelist manage to settle the argument like true gentleman with a subtle “I hate you,” followed by a “na, I love you.”

[CSN New England]