And Now A Collection Of Today’s Best Rick Reilly Father-In-Law Tweets

  • Rick Chandler

Think your Thanksgiving is going to be awkward? Our story so far: Rick Reilly, a formerly-great sports columnist who went over to The Dark Side and is now more machine than man, wrote a column about how it’s OK that the Washington Pro Football Club keep its nickname. In it, he quotes his Native American father-in-law, Bob Burns, as saying that he isn’t offended by the name at all. Turns out, though, that wasn’t accurate.

Full column can be found here.

No word yet from ESPN, which must have a policy about this sort of thing (a statement is forthcoming, we’re told). But I’m guessing that if Mitch Albom can’t get fired from the Detroit Free Press for totally making up the quotes — and indeed, the very existence in the arena — of two players, then Reilly should skate here with some sort of reprimand.

Like his Running of the Bulls column in 2010, he’ll have tapped the beast with a rolled-up newspaper and escaped an unscathed, if once again sadly disappointing, man.

But the best part of this — aside from giving the pro-name-changers more ammunition — is the social media reaction. You do not escape Twitter as easily as you escape your ESPN editors, Mr. Reilly.