A.J. Hawk Tackles Fan At Tahoe Golf Tournament (Video)

  • Rick Chandler

There have been weirder things to have happened at the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament at Lake Tahoe, NV, but not by much. Please note that the fan requested that A.J. Hawk tackle him. The Packers player didn’t want to, but the fan’s friends “kept egging me on”, so he did it. Hahaha. Peer pressure is such a bitch.

Hawk, to NBC Sports (see interview here):

“There’s this rowdy hole on No. 7 where all these guys hang out, it’s like a big frat party. They were chanting and yelling for me to tackle their one buddy … I was trying to say no but they were egging me on and wanting me to, so I gave him a good shot and a feel pretty good about it.”

Mark Rypien won the event, which ended Sunday.

Still my favorite thing there: shooting threes on No. 17, next to the lake.