A Reporter Stole Tom Brady’s Last 2 Super Bowl Jerseys

  • Jake O'Donnell

A Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey has an approximate street value of $500,000, which might not mean much to Tom Brady, but to law enforcement, that makes it kind of a big deal when somebody steals it. The last two New England Patriots Super Bowl victories have had exactly that happen, and as it turns out, it might’ve been the same culprit: a crooked journalist.

Trump’s gonna be so pissed when he finds out one of his archnemeses duped one of his best friends.

According to Jay Glazer — who claims that the perp was someone “posing as international media” — the jerseys were found “on foreign soil,” which means the FBI now has to get involved, which also means whoever yanked Tom’s #12 will probably face some stiff punishment. Hey Pats fans, how does a two-game suspension sound?

Jake O'Donnell

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