A Three-Year-Old Calls For The Firing Of Andy Reid

  • Spencer Lund

Coming into this season, the Philadelphia Eagles were billed as the NFL’s “Dream Team” (thanks, Vince Young!). But during yesterday’s 38-20 loss to the Patriots, a loss that put them at  4-7 and effectively ended their playoff hopes, any remaining illusions of the Eagles-as-contender evaporated. Philly? Not happy. The home crowd called for the dismissal of head coach Andy Reid with “Fire Andy!” chants, and in an unprecedented move, many of them left their seats with six minutes remaining.

It was the low point of an already-low season, one which was supposed to culminate in a Super Bowl with the free agent acquisitions of CB Nnamdi Asomugha, CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, RB Ronnie Brown, DE Jason Babin and contracts for QB Michael Vick and back-up Young. Welp, that Super Bowl doesn’t look like it’s happening, as the Eagles went from everybody’s off-season champs to being tied with the Redskins for last in the NFC East.

After yesterday’s loss, a three-year-old fan summed up Philly’s frustration with Reid, their longtime head coach. According to the little tyke, who appears to be taking his cues from an off-camera parent, the Philly front office should also “pay DeSean Jackson his money, dammit.” The little guy clearly has a job as a sports agent in his future.